Ezekiel’s sugar-free “apple juice”


I don’t buy fruit juice.  It’s such a fructose overload and you miss out on all of the great fibre that you get when you eat fruit.  My precious kiddos drink loads of water (we have a fab little reverse osmosis filter system), raw milk, and a few other things, including herbal tea.  Ezekiel is my eldest son (he’s currently 12) and he likes to make sugar-free “apple juice”.  It makes a nice change, and here’s his quick and easy method:

3 apple tea bags
1/16 tsp Stevia*
750ml boiling water

Simply steep 3 tea bags of your favourite flavour tea (Zeek loves apple!) in 750ml of boiling water, with 1/16 tsp Stevia, in a glass jug for about 5 minutes.
When it’s cooled down, pour it into a glass bottle and refrigerate.
Hey presto – sugar-free fruit-flavoured drink with NO NASTY CHEMICALS 🙂

* We use Radiance Stevia Sweet.  1/16 tsp is equivalent sweetness to 1/4 cup sugar!

Most fruit teas have an apple base, and so they’re not recommended on the low FODMAP diet.


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